Guidelines and Recommendations

CST is recommended in numerous guidelines and endorsed by leading organisations in the UK and beyond:

  • The UK 2018 NICE guidelines on the management of dementia (1) recommend CST for people with mild to moderate dementia “to promote cognition, independence and wellbeing”. Cognitive stimulation is the only non-drug intervention to be recommended for cognitive symptoms and maintenance of function.
  • CST features in the standards for the Memory Services National Accreditation Programme (MSNAP). Their 2015 audit [PDF] showed that CST is offered routinely in 85% of UK memory services.
  • The World Alzheimer Report (Alzheimer's Disease International, 2011) states that: "CST should be routinely given to people with early stage dementia."
  • Alzheimer's Society advocates the use of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.