Guiding Principles

The skills and experience of CST group facilitators are integral to the effective running of sessions. There are 18 'Key Principles' which facilitators must incorporate into sessions:

  1. Mental stimulation
  2. New ideas, thoughts and associations
  3. Using orientation, both sensitively and implicitly
  4. Opinions rather than facts
  5. Using reminiscence as an aid to the here-and-now
  6. Providing triggers to aid recall
  7. Continuity and consistency between sessions
  8. Implicit (rather than explicit) learning
  9. Stimulating language
  10. Stimulating executive functioning
  11. Person-centredness
  12. Respect
  13. Involvement
  14. Inclusion
  15. Choice
  16. Fun
  17. Maximising potential
  18. Building / strengthening relationships

These principles are outlined in more detail in our training manuals and on CST training courses.